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BudoFX system consists of:

  • concrete molds – special forms or templates made of plastic or rubber, used to create attractive patterns and textures on the surface of concrete. These molds are used in the creation of decorative walls, floors, sidewalks, stairs, or other concrete elements to give them a unique look and enhance the aesthetics of the finish.
  • decorative reliefs – a type of relief whose main purpose is to use the third dimension to create a decorative form or pattern on the surface of an object. Decorative reliefs can appear on various materials such as concrete, wood, metal, stone, or ceramics and are often used in sculpture, decorative arts, and architecture. Its goal is to add aesthetics and character to a surface, as well as enhance the visual experience of the viewer.
We provide at every stage of work:
  • design consultations;
  • technical support;
  • individual approach to each order.
BudoFX-matryca do betonu