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BudoTECH is a system based on steel beams made of paired 2xC100 channels and additional elements, which allow for the creation of spatial frame structures. It is often used in bridge structures as support for cantilevered components of the load-bearing system. It can be used together with other slab and wall systems, which expands the range of their applications. With this system, it is possible to create temporary support frames for one-sided formwork or cantilever platforms for formwork of bridge abutments. They can be used to reinforce the corners of formwork for large-scale elements. The additional elements allow for articulation and perpendicular connection of beams. They are used with RSK Titan bracing.

system of bracket_budotech


Rib lengths: 96, 121, 146, 171, 196, 221, 246 cm
Support lengths: from 50 to 600 cm

Connectors: tensioners, wedges, bearing hooks, straight and angled connectors, universal hooks, scaffolding adapters
Pins: Ø 16; Screws: M16



  • economic construction of facilities using a small number of modular elements
  • elements designed to carry small and medium loads
  • capability to connect with other systems such as H20 beams, floor supports
  • transoms of various lengths
  • adapters and connectors allowing the system to be adjusted to the required geometry of the facility
  • all elements are made of hot-dip galvanized steel


Basic elements:

  • beams
  • connectors
  • supports

Additional elements:

  • support handles
  • tensioner
  • cross braces
  • screws
  • pins
  • bushings 
  • work consoles
  • tie rods
  • girders
  • collar clamps H20