I want to rent equipment for construction site. What is your procedure?

Depending on the type of equipment you want to rent, you should contact the appropriate department. You will find direct contact to each of our consultants on the Contact page. Our representative will find the following information useful before issuing a quotation: scope of work, equipment rental time, quantity, construction drawing. After the customer accepts the terms of the lease, a contract is drawn up. The lessee, after completing the formalities, is also required to pay a deposit – its value is determined individually depending on the amount of equipment. If you do not have your own transportation, our company will state the costs and arrange delivery of the equipment to the construction site for you. A direct contact with our warehouse to book a loading date is required beforehand.

I rented some equipment but have reservations on the quantity/quality of the material released

Our employees make every effort to ensure that the equipment we stock is of high quality and free of any defects. Inspection of our equipment takes place regularly during each release and receipt from the construction site. However, if you notice that the equipment you receive is not up to standards and is, for example, dirty, incomplete, damaged, please inform us within two days and we will certainly find the best solution to the problem. In order to process the claim, do not forget to include photos of the subject equipment.

Should the formwork be prepared specially before concreting?

Every item that is properly protected and prepared for use will last longer on the construction site. Based on our long experience, we want to provide the most important information in this field. Formwork boards and plywood should be protected before use with anti-adhesion fluid, which has appropriate parameters and does not discolor concrete. The recommended liquid allows easy de-boarding and facilitates subsequent cleaning. Cover the formwork with a thin, even layer of liquid using a roller or pressure sprayer. If you plan to cut the plywood, it is recommended that the edges cut be protected with protective paint. After concreting is finished, the formwork should be cleaned before the next work. Use a spatula to clean the surface of plywood, and an additional wire brush for steel. The formwork elements should be stored on a level surface to avoid deformation, and it is recommended to protect them from weather conditions.