Universal traditional support system allows formwork to be well matched to the formed object. The system also allows for the support of binding joists and is compatible with SMP8 and Roro L tower support systems. Thanks to the small number of elements that come into the system, its assembly and disassembly is quick and easy.


Weight per m2 of formwork: approximately 38kg

H-20 girder length sizes: 110, 130, 150, 180, 210, 245, 265, 290, 330, 360, 390, 420 , 450 , 490, 590cm

20kN support length sizes:
DB80 (50-80cm)
DB130 (80-130cm)
DB180 (110-180cm)
DB260 (150-260cm)
DB300 (170-300cm)
DB350 (190-350cm)
DB410 (230-410cm)
DB500 (280-500cm)
DB550 (300-550cm)


  • high load-bearing capacity
  • accuracy and ease of execution for complex object plan
  • components made of high quality materials
  • relatively simple system assembly and disassembly


  • DB ceiling support with minimum capacity of 20kN
  • H-20 timber ceiling girder
  • support head
  • intermediate support head
  • three-layer plywood with a thickness of 21mm
  • three-layer panel with or without hardware with a thickness of 21mm
  • three-legged stand for support
  • joist lock