We present expansion joint strips for concrete suitable for most common applications. Profiles are mainly used in securing expansion joints in interior and exterior surfaces. The products meet high requirements in buildings of various purposes – both on floor and ceiling surfaces. The strips are available in a wide range of colors, so you can match them to the character of the place. The mounting arms are made of aluminum, so they are a very durable solution. The profiles are suitable for installation in concrete, screed and plaster.


Floor series:
Standard for most applications: compensation up to 22mm, gap width up to 58mm
Low-visibility surface: compensation up to 14mm, gap width up to 35mm
Resistant to aggressive agents: compensation up to 16mm, gap width up to 50mm
For more loaded floors: compensation up to 30mm, gap width up to 105mm
For larger displacements and gaps: compensation up to 34mm, gap width up to 120mm
For shrinking gaps: compensation up to 30mm, gap width up to 105mm
Overlay: gap width of 20-90mm
Fully metal: compensation up to 50mm, gap width up to 114mm

Wall and ceiling series:
Flush-mounted: gap width of 10-350mm
Overlay: gap width of 10-350mm
Fully metal: gap width up to 110mm
Overlay KF KLEMM: gap width of 15-80mm
For plasterboard: gap width up to 50mm
For prefabricated structures: gap width of 10-45mm


Reliability: high quality workmanship
Versatile application
For installation in concrete, concrete castings, plaster and finished surfaces
Most compensation inserts are replaceable during use


protection of expansion joints in most interior and exterior surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings)