Universal support tower system with possible infinite height adjustment and expansion in any direction. They use innovative safety features, making them not only durable but also stable structures. This was made possible, among other things, by the spatial-modular design. They will prove useful as support for construction work and temporary support systems. The frames have been additionally coated with a layer of zinc to increase the material’s resistance to external factors. In addition, with this model, it is possible to expand with stairs and special hatches, which significantly increases safety during operation.

A high-capacity support system developed by Marcegaglia. The basic element of the system is steel pipes with a diameter of 60 mm, on which striker plates are placed every 50 cm. The plates have 8 holes on the perimeter, to which horizontal and diagonal bracing tubes can be hooked. The system includes tubes of multiple lengths, so you can put together a support (tower) of virtually any size and shape. By properly compacting the posts, each of which has a load capacity of up to 80kN, we can achieve a large, almost arbitrary load capacity. Adjustable feet and heads allow precise height adjustment, also to support diagonal structures. The individual components of the system are lightweight and handy. They can be easily used in areas with difficult communication.


Maximum load: 80kN/pole
Maximum load with quadruple head: 320kN/bay
Width: fully adjustable in modules of 0.81, 1.14 i 1.80m
The height of the system and the width is adjusted individually to the project


  • possibility to assemble the tower lying down and then set it upright with the help of a crane
  • foot and support head adjustment allows smooth adjustment of the tower height
  • zinc coating increases the system’s durability
  • integration of metal platforms with manholes and access stairs = improved occupational safety


Basic: steel posts and braces
Additional: adjustable feet, adjustable heads, steel girders, post connectors