Formwork system based on H20 timber girders and steel transoms and formwork plywood. It allows the construction of wall and ceiling panels of any size and form. Due to the available sizes of standard wood girders, such panels do not exceed 6.00m in height (5.90m girder) and 3.00m in width (available plywood sheets). On the basis of static tables, the arrangement of the individual elements of the grating is calculated and selected, i.e. the spacing of the girders and the distances between the steel bolts, as well as the spacing between the tie rods and their number. This allows for flexibility in meeting construction needs. The load-bearing capacity of such a formwork shield depends on the arrangement of the elements, and it is customary to develop wall panels in the range of 40-60kN/m2. However, it is possible to design panels in this system that are designed for much higher loads and are suitable for attaching trailing vibrators. Wall panels in a girder system can be delivered to the construction site in the form of ready-assembled large-size panels or as loose components for self-assembly on site. This system is often used where high-quality architectural concrete BA3 is required – as it allows free shaping of the form of the imprint and the grid of technological holes remaining after stripping. Such an imprint does not have the so-called “lip”, which is a trace of the steel frame of the formwork. This type of formwork is also used to form walls and ceilings with curvilinear shapes. On the grating of girders and anchor beams (transoms) the so-called yoke planks (centrings) are attached, which, analogous to the frames in the hull, shape the shell of the formwork. Such centrings are created using CNC numerical control machines. With modular anchor beams and a flexible beam connection system, the system elements can be used to create support or temporary structures of buffer stops for one-sided wall formwork.


Load bearing capacity: 40-80kN
Sizes: any (designed for the given element)
Weight: 40-80kg/m2


  • flexibility
  • high quality (depending on the sheathing plywood used)
  • high efficiency when optimizing the division of concrete work
  • necessity of first assembly = additional time or if using the option of ready-made wall panels low transport volume
  • universal elements (H20 girder, anchor beams, vertical props) are used in other inventoried formwork systems


  • H20 timber girder
  • formwork plywood with a thickness of 12-27mm
  • anchor beams with a length of 0.96 – 2.91m
  • beam connectors (straight, angled, articulated)
  • accessories (chocks, bracket hooks, consoles, tensioners, etc.)
  • Titan RSK vertical props (0.90m – 8.00m)