Wall formwork

Wall formworks are reusable systems that are made of high quality materials: hot-dip galvanized steel, technically advanced closed profiles reinforced with bolts, and sheathing made of multilayer plywood covered on both sides with phenolic film of appropriate density. These products are durable, easy to use and proven on numerous construction sites. Where the requirements for the shape of concrete are greater, we offer specialized formwork made for a specific project.

Our formwork systems are designed for the construction of, among other things: footings, foundation walls, bearing walls, retaining walls, tanks, fences, columns of square or rectangular cross-section, stringers/beams, elevator shafts, arched walls, and many other elements of concrete objects. We offer both sales and rental services for wall formwork. We also have our own transportation at our disposal.

szalunki ścienne, BudoUNI, budowa, plac budowy, sprzęt budowlany

BudoUNI (to 40 kN/m2)

Small-size formwork, one of the lightest available on the market, allows to erect a complete formwork without the use of a crane.

szalunki ścienne, MidiFORM, plac budowy, budowa ścian

MidiFORM (to 60 kN/m2)

Universal medium-sized formwork - lightweight yet strong and stable.

BudoSŁUP, formowanie słupów


Universal formwork system for the construction of columns with square and rectangular cross-sections.

wieże podporowe, szalunki stropowe, budowa stropów, BudoSTROP

Vertical prop

The G10 vertical prop is designed to support tensile and compressive loads.