Roro L

Support tower system with infinitely variable height adjustment possible. This model stands out because of its low number of parts, which makes the structure quick and easy to erect. There are also no problems during their transport. The frames have been galvanised for greater resistance to the elements. They are used on construction sites for all types of work. Support towers of this type are distinctive because of their L-shaped steel frame. Additional components include adjustable feet and heads. The maximum load is up to 4x40kN per bay.


Maximum load:: up to 4x40kN/bay
Bay dimensions: square with a side of 125cm
Segment height: 0,375; 0,50; 0,75m


  • small number of components = easy assembly and disassembly
  • easy to transport
  • zinc coating increases the system’s durability


Basic: L-steel frames, bracing
Additional: adjustable heads and feet