BudoUNI’s small-size formwork is one of the lightest available on the market, the heaviest board (90x150UN) weighs about 45 kg, allowing a complete formwork to be set up without the use of a crane. The lightness and versatility of the panels allows to form concrete from the smallest objects to complex forms on large construction sites. The improvements made are far superior in functionality to other lightweight formwork systems.

The steel frame made of perforated flat bar, 8 cm wide and 5 mm thick is hot-dip galvanized and filled with a 12 mm thick plywood that meets the DIN 68705-3:1981-12 standard. The inner flat bars are connected with an overlap, which strenghten the panel construction and secures the formwork from cracking.


Maximum concreting height: 3m
Permissible concrete pressure: up to 40kN/m2
Weight per m2 of formwork: approximately 35kg

Height: 90, 120, 150cm
Width: 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 60UN, 75, 90, 90UN cm


  • suitable for installation by hand or by crane
  • system versatility (dimensional increments of 5cm)
  • possibility of obtaining a smooth concrete surface
  • vertical and horizontal panel arrangement


Formwork panels and corners:
  • standard/universal formwork panel
  • inner corner
  • outer corner
  • hinged corner
  • matching corner
Protective elements:
  • working platform support
  • working platform post
Additional elements:
  • H20 girder clamp
  • squared timber clamp
  • edge catch
  • vertical prop
  • single high support
  • support head
  • support foot
  • transport sling
Formwork connecting elements:
  • clamping connector
  • sworzeń napinający
  • tensioning pin
  • double pin
  • pin wedge
  • DW15 tie rod
  • centering disc nut
  • toggle nut
  • hexagonal nut
  • plate