Universal medium-sized formwork – lightweight yet strong and stable. Installation does not require a crane and the panels can be carried by two people. It is ideal for forming concrete on all structures. The panels consist of a hot-dip galvanized steel frame and sheathing made of 15 mm plywood. The system elements are very robust and durable. The availability of multiple panel sizes allows the formwork to be well matched to the object being formed.

The steel frames have enlarged tie-down pockets with conically shaped holes for easy installation and removal of tie-downs, while protecting the plywood from premature deterioration. Reinforced construction means less formwork deformation under heavy loads and less necessary equipment, resulting in faster work.


Maximum concreting height: 6m
Permissible concrete pressure: up to 60kN/m2
Weight per m2 of formwork: approximately 55kg

Height: 90, 150, 270, 300cm
Width: 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70UN, 75, 80, 85, 90cm

Large-size XXL/Mammoths:
Height: 270, 300cm
Width: 120, 180, 240cm


  • European manufacturers: high quality and durable components
  • easy to adapt to the project: large number of system components
  • relatively light: can be set up manually or mechanically with a crane


Formwork panels and corners:
  • standard/universal formwork panel
  • inner corner
  • outer corner
  • hinged corner
Protective elements:
  • working platform support
  • working platform post
Formwork connecting elements:
  • standard lock
  • universal lock
  • angle lock
  • wedge lock
  • DW15 tie rod
  • centering disc nut
  • toggle nut
  • hexagonal nut
  • centering tie rod
  • UN nut
  • UN pin
Additional elements:
  • bolt tensioner
  • stiffening beam
  • edge catch
  • vertical prop
  • single high support
  • support head
  • support foot
  • transport sling
  • compensating insert