Formwork accessories

BUDOSPRZĘT offers a wide range of formwork elements and accessories necessary for any construction site and compatible with most available systems. Durable and reliable ties are available in any length – as required by the customer. We also offer high-quality anti-adhesion agents to protect formwork from permanent concrete covering, while ensuring smooth concrete surfaces without stains or damage.

  • anti-adhesion liquids
  • adhesives for concrete plugs
  • cover tubes for tie rods
  • PVC reinforcement spacers
  • concrete pads for reinforcement
  • DW15 tie rods
  • disc and toggle nuts
  • PVC and wooden triangular slats
  • bentonite strips
  • expansion joint meshes
  • tie wires
  • plugs for formwork panels
  • cover tube plugs
  • OHS barrier posts
  • and many others