Wall formwork

Wall formwork system for constructing foundations, walls and columns

Ceiling formwork

Girder formwork system for supporting roofs, joists and beams

Non-standard formwork

Design and manufacture of non-standard formworks for individual architectural forms


Frame scaffolding for all facilities

kontener socjalny, kontener sanitarny, kontener biurowy, kontener na plac budowy


Office, sanitary and modular containers

Masonry repair system

We offer masonry repairs using HELIFIX technology

Expansion joint profiles

Profile system for securing expansion joints

płyn antyadhezyjny, ściąg, nakrętka, listwa trójkątna, śruba, klin, sworzeń, płytka

Formwork accessories

Stay-in-place concrete elements and formwork accessories

szalunek nietypowy, szalunek specjalistyczny, usługi CNC, Druk 3D, regeneracja szalunków


Reconditioning of formwork panels, first assembly of formwork, CNC wood cutting services