Ceiling formwork

Ceiling formwork is a combination of even and smooth formwork plywood, tripods, heads, steel adjustable supports and H-20 wood girders, which are used to temporarily support the ceiling structure. With the floor formwork, you can get the right shape of the concrete ceiling, and with a small number of elements included in the system, its assembly and disassembly is quick and easy.

The advantage of our ceiling formwork system is the high load-bearing capacity of the elements, the accuracy and ease of implementation for the complex projection of the object, as well as the execution of the elements from high-quality materials. We also have several types of support towers, allowing us to work with clients making high ceilings, footbridges, bridges and similar structures.

We provide ceiling formwork sales and leasing services. We also offer our own transportation.

strop, budowa stropu, szalunki stropowe, BudoSTROP


Universal traditional support system allows formwork to be well matched to the formed object.

szalunki stropowe, BudoSTROP, wieże podporowe

Support towers

Universal support tower systems.