A multipurpose frame scaffolding composed of hot-dip galvanized steel vertical frames, wooden, steel and aluminum-plywood platforms. Construction scaffolding is manufactured in different types. Such a solution allows to ensure the most complete adaptation of the scaffolding structure to the specific needs of a particular user. Scaffolding is used in the construction and repair of buildings (by plasterers, painters, roofers, etc.), but also as temporary support structures for various other purposes (such as outdoor stages), whereby they are built as free-standing structures, or as wall-mounted scaffolding, depending on the need.


Maximum height without design: 34m
Payload: 2kN/m2

Field width: 0.73; 1.07m
Platform length: 0.73; 1.07; 1.57; 2.07; 2.57; 3.07m


  • Polish manufacturer – European quality,
  • ability to pass through and use different field lengths,
  • quick assembly and disassembly,
  • versatility: suitable for most scaffolding jobs


Frames and platforms:
  • hot-dip galvanized steel standard, bypass, transition frames
  • steel platforms
  • Aluminum-plywood platforms (traffic)
  • Single and double handrails
  • Diagonal bracing
Scaffolding accessory components:
  • normal connectors
  • rotating connectors
  • screw bases
  • anchor connectors
  • anchor bolts
  • transverse and longitudinal toe-boards
  • extension supports
  • lattice girders
Protective elements:
  • scaffolding mesh
  • scaffolding tarpaulin