The Student Center for Creativity

The Student Center for Creativity building is being created as a result of redesigning the 9th-century stables of the former fire station located at Akademicka 3 Street in Gliwice.
The renovation project was prepared by a team of university architects under the direction of Dr. hab. Klaudiusz Fross, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology.
Budosprzęt company was invited to design and deliver 3.73 m high columns, which had to be manually assembled. The columns were made of lightweight MidiFORM formwork (with a load capacity of up to 60kN/m2). The next step of formwork was for the beams above the ground floor, which were made using scaffolding towers placed around the previously made columns, between the towers (columns). Support for the beams and floors was made using floor supports and modular wooden trusses. This formwork method for the floor and beams at a height of 3.90 m provided support rigidity and reduced the number of towers.
The final and most demanding stage of formwork was the “dome” above the ground floor. This part of the formwork had to be done simultaneously due to the reinforcement. For this unusual stage, manual assembly formwork was also chosen, and therefore BudoUNI formwork (with a load capacity of up to 40kN/m2) was selected. The columns of the walls and beams were formworked in one stage. The advantage of this system was the integration of all elements into one modular formwork, which, once assembled, created a rigid structure that occupied little space on the floor.

Systems used:

Lokalization: Gliwice, Akademicka St.
Realization: 2023